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We are experts in label printing for businesses of all sizes, no matter what the product.

Labels are a big part of the any business, especially for retailers. Having well-printed and well-designed labels is very important as labels have the ability to draw customers into the product.

Give us a call today or pop into our shop to see examples of our print quality on labels.

Lithographic printing
Lithographic printing

Lithographic printing is the most widely used form of printing in the western world, especially for long runs.

If you or your business needs to print a large run, then lithographic printing is your best option, providing the most cost-efficient method of printing.

Digital printing
Digital printing

Digital printing is becoming more and more popular these days, because of its fast turnarounds and amazing results.

Digital printers can produce prints with a much wider colour range than lithographic printers are capable of, giving truly stunning end results.

For shorter print runs, digital printing is your best option as it is faster and requires much less set-up time and maintenance than a lithographic printer.

Small business start-up packs
Small business start-up packs

Are you in the process of starting up a small business? If so, you will need top-quality printed materials to impress potential clients.

Here at the Chalford Press we offer an all-in-one solution for small businesses with our great start-up packs.

Our small business start-up pack contains all of the printed goods you will need to get set up and in business, including our very best quality business cards.

So if you're starting up a small business, call us today to find out what we can offer you!

Colour foiling

Colour foiling is a superb process which provides a much more eye-catching method of printing than normal inks, which will undoubtably catch the eyes of potential customers.

Rather than normal ink, coloured foil is printed onto the paper format to create a stunning effect, perfect for business cards or brochures.

Swing tickets
Swing tickets

Swing tickets are an essential part of clothing retail, as well as certain other retail sectors. They are used to display product information such as prices, sizes and offers.

We can print your swing ticket designs to the highest standard, with efficiency to match.

Graphic design
Graphic design

Do you need print services but don't have the designs? No problem, here at The Chalford Press we offer fantastic graphic design services (requires print purchase) for any individuals or businesses who don't have access to a graphic designer.


Signage is a fantastic way to promote your business. We offer great signage printing services, perfect for estate agent posters, builders advertising boards etc.

The better your signage is, the better first impression you will give off to your potential customers.

We offer the very best quality signage printing services, suitable for any individuals or businesses looking for great advertising opportunities.

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What we offer...
  • Full colour printing
  • Corporate stationary
  • Continuous stationary
  • Swing tickets
  • Labels
  • Multi-part sets
  • Colour-foiling
  • Leaflets & brochures